08 4 / 2014

SQUEEEEEEE! It’s all ages so we can go! 

I’m so excited Low can’t even ruin it for me.

SQUEEEEEEE! It’s all ages so we can go!

I’m so excited Low can’t even ruin it for me.

08 4 / 2014

We just cannot seem to get healthy and fully recover. About a month ago Finley got RSV and I thought he was completely better then I found out he had an ear infection and pinkeye at his nine month appointment (I felt like the worst mama ever but he seemed fine and had no symptoms) and we went the chiropractor and antibiotics route to treat it. Then he seemed better again and we ventured to the Children’s Museum but now the baby plague has descended and is more fierce than ever before.

The unwashed baby masses terrify me.

02 4 / 2014


So very, very true.


So very, very true.

27 3 / 2014

Patterson Hood just kicked a guy out of the Drive-By Truckers show at First Avenue for being a douchebag. The asshat was then escorted out by seven security guards. Justice.

26 3 / 2014

Brad felt terrible about the ticket debacle so he bought tickets from someone in Craigslist last night and he called to confirm the address and ended up talking to the seller for the entire 35 minute drive about music and babies. Then when he got there the seller sold us the tickets for less than face value and told us to have a drink in him. Awesomeness.

25 3 / 2014

I just got YoBaby yogurt in Finley’s eye.

Mama. Of. The. Year.

25 3 / 2014

Brad’s been degrading whether or not to join me at the Drive-By Truckers show on Thursday so I’ve been waiting to buy tickets. I checked this morning and the tickets were still available, he decided to go so we went downtown to buy tickets and they’re sold out…They’re also sold out online and at all of their ticket outlets. In the big picture of the universe/life/whatever this doesn’t matter but I’m so mad I was crying. And to the jackholes that already have tickets on Craigslist for 3x face value, I hope you’re happy with your life choices.

I’m not giving up. Oh, I will be there. Probably alone, but I’m going.

24 3 / 2014

I was looking at our doula’s fb page today and found this

I was looking at our doula’s fb page today and found this

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this is the all time best post


I am all about giant dogs

the fact that like half of them are still trying to be lapdogs ~ bless

Giant dogges

And A+ gif usage.

The 6th pic down is a Leonberger (the woman standing at a dog show (?) with her purse at her feet). Merida is well on her way to being a humongous dog.

Nope. Just the pictures made me start shaking. Dogs are terrifying.

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so the oldest manatee in human care is named Snooty and he’s in his mid 60’s and lives in some museum in southern florida but apparently he heaves his head and flippers out of his tank all the time and if you don’t find this cute idk there’s something wrong with you

Snooty forever!!!


We saw Snooty when we were in Florida last year. The poor guy started life living in an indoor pool at a pool store (who thought that was a good idea???) and eventually he outgrew his container and ended up at the museum.

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